@Sanasol | Coder.
@uShot | Awesome designer.
@vtolstov | Coder. Golang.
ph1048@gmail.com | Application Security Engineer. Coder. Disassembler.
@voidlessru | Coder. Apps. iOS.
@AmsTaFFix | Golang Coder, mentor, manager. Head of backend development at Citilink LLC.
@anubchik | Coder. HighLoad. DevOps. eSports.
@imnomn | Coder. React. Node.
@spfng | Admin. Linux. HighLoad.
@pavel_odintsov | CEO FastNetMon. Admin. Coder. DDoS Defense.
@xakep7 | Hosting, vps and dedicated servers in Siberia. Admin. HighLoad. Coder.
df@rxtx.cx (jabber) | Solution of your questions and problems in Serbia (Belgrade, Novi Sad)
@alice2k | Hosting, vps, dedicated servers. Help buy or pay Hetzner & OVH. Money exchange. Legal entities in different countries. High activity. Always open to partnership. –°an give you a job.